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Document Translations

GSL Translations offers translation, editing and proofreading services for both Russian and international clientele, specializing mostly in legal translations without being limited thereto. Our competence also involves related areas: economy, finance, accounting, audit, taxation and banking.

You need our services if you want:

  • Russian customers to learn about you directly from your own web-site or promotional materials in Russian
  • to go global and expand to the Russian market
  • to promote your company in Russia
  • to read documents or articles written in the Russian language

We offer translation of various types of documents, including legal, corporate and commercial documents, and namely:

  • Certificates, Licenses, Memorandums and Articles of Association, Statutes, other corporate documents
  • Legal Opinions and analytical reviews
  • Financial Statements,  auditor reports, and other accounting documents
  • POAs and Resolutions, other corporate documents
  • Laws, legislative acts and regulations
  • Contracts and agreements, transaction documentation
  • Banking documents, business correspondence
  • Technical manuals, guidance and instructions

Our prime concern is the highest standard of quality and responsiveness to our clients’ needs. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with our lawyers, we have gained ample experience not only in translation of legal documents, but also in their drafting and proofreading, and accumulated due legal knowledge essential for proper legal translations.

High professional level of our translators forms the backbone of our translation services. All translators working for GSL Translations, both in-house and freelance, have university degrees in linguistics and some of them additionally have degrees in law, economics or finance.

Editors proofread and edit all translations with a view to ensure consistency of terminology throughout the document and comply with the client’s task requirements. Thus you may rest assured that your translations are accurate, of high quality, all the terms are correct and your idea is conveyed right.

Additional services of GSL Translations include:

  • Notary certification of translations, notarized copies
  • Apostille
  • Proofreading and editing of your translations
  • Consecutive interpretation (negotiations, meetings, notary’s office, etc.)

Translation between different legal systems requires translators to be aware of the legal terminology accepted in another country and often to provide an explanation for the benefit of the target-language audience. Our translators know very well the requirements of the legal and consulting services sector. Being in constant contact with partners from abroad, they can always ask for advice and thus deliver a sound and motivated translation. Members of our translation team are chosen not only for their education, but also for knowledge of their specialist field.

Our prices are very competitive in the Russian market, and they are much less than the price charged for the relevant services outside Russia. Our rates for translations start from $18 for English and vary depending on the language, the highest rate being $22 for Chinese, Japanese and some other rare languages. The price is calculated for regular pages of 1’800 characters with spaces (MS Word statistics). Besides, we give a 10% discount, if your order exceeds 100 regular pages, and sometimes you can even get a special offering of up to 25% discount (for translation of some corporate documents).

We can also handle urgent and bulk translations in very short time periods without affecting the quality. Pressing and large volume orders are performed by several translators, but even in this instance you may be sure of unanimity of terminology, because all the texts are subject to strict obligatory proof-reading and control of quality.

We are committed to excellence!

Alexander Alekseev

Managing partner

Dear Guests,

As someone looking for quality advice on starting up operations in Russia or as someone looking for a trusted business advisor to help with existing operational needs, you have come to the right place!

With over a client base of in excess of 3,000, GSL has the both the depth and experience to provide you with all of the current know-how and practical advice that you need to successfully conduct your business operations in the Russian market.

From the list in the adjacent column, you can see that we can act as a “one-stop shop” for providing your business with comprehensive support for its Russian activities and all at affordable prices!

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HSBC, UBS, PriceWaterhouse, Credit Suisse, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Deutche Bank, Euram Bank, Shutts & Bowen, Anglo Irish Bank, AT&T, etc.