Confidentiality Agreement

GSL Group is committed to maintaining the privacy. It is our priority to take every possible actions protecting your personal data and providing you with full control to keep the confidentiality of Content you pass onto our Services.

Registration information

Profile: We encourage you to provide at your desire non-identifying personal details if you use our Services, including your contact details and information on your professional position and place of employment. At the same time, disclosure of this and other information may be useful to achieve the aim of your browsing of the Services.

Transactions: GSL may collect and save records of your online purchases and online orders at the Services.

Browser: GSL automatically receives and saves on its server the information from your browser, including IP-address, cookie files and pages you browse.

How we may use your IP addresses

GSL may, depending on the Services used, periodically receive users IP addresses to:

  • Make diagnostics and prevent service and technical mistakes reported by users and service engineers.
  • Count the number of users from different geographical regions, browsing our Services.
  • Monitor public and authorized access to the Content, services and/or materials.
  • Track down and prevent fraud, spam or other abusive activities.

Information we may disclose to third parties

By posting any information and / or submitting personal details on registration, you admit that you provide this information to GSL, its subdivisions and / or subsidiaries and companies which may have interest in respect of GSL. Their usage of your personal information is subject to the present Confidentiality Agreement, which may be at any time changed by placing it here. Your use of the Services constitutes agreement to the said terms and conditions.

Prohibition of identifying personal data disclosure: Your identifying personal data is never passed onto third parties or disclosed for marketing purposes.

Billing: GSL may use your personal details for checking and completion of transactions (for example, processing of payment for services you ordered).

Email: GSL may use your email address to contact you.

User name: When you post Content or comment on the Services your User name may become visible to other users. Any information passed onto the Services may become available when you display your User name.

Third parties: GSL may provide your identifying personal information in the following cases:

  • Legal trial: We may provide your personal information when required by court rulings or court decisions in order to exercise our legal rights or to protect the company from claims in accordance with the Russian legislation.
  • Protection and security measures: We may provide your personal information to law enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation if it is necessary for investigation or prevention of illegal actions related to fraud; in cases when potential threat to any individual’s health takes place, or in any other case when it is required from us due to the law and / or it prevents the Russian law infringement.

Confidentiality and Security

Internet security: ЛAny content posted in the Internet or any other wireless net cannot be 100% confidential and protected. If you pass your Content anywhere onto the Services we will make all reasonable efforts to guarantee its safety, and namely:

  • Security measures: We use physical, electronic and procedural measures to safeguard your data.
  • Encryption: In certain cases GSL uses SSL-encryption industry standard to protect the data transfer. However, kindly note that it does not guarantee that the information will not be received, decrypted or destroyed by cracking of server software or other security tools.
  • Email: By using this Website or submitting your personal data to us you express your consent to receive our emails regarding security measures, confidentiality and administrative issues.


Valid from 12 December, 2010