Copyright Statement

GSL Group of companies has the exclusive rights to these materials. It is prohibited to copy (fully or partly), reproduce, translate or otherwise adapt materials, to distribute through radio broadcasting or cable, or by public display, to sell or otherwise dispose of the originals or copies of materials or to make them publicly available in any way without prior written permission of GSL Group.

In case you find that in your opinion some materials posted on the Website violate your copyright, you may notify GSL in writing with the following data included:

  1. Conventional or electronic signature of a party authorized to act on behalf of a person whose copyright are violated.
  2. Reference to posted information (materials) violating copyright. In case there are several such materials (texts, pictures), reference should be made to each of them.
  3. Reference to the material to be deleted or blocked for access, which is violating copyright or is the subject of such violation. You should also provide the source address (URL) of the material. GSL requires that full URL be provided in every case of copyright violation.
  4. Your contact details: email, postal address or phone number.
  5. Confirmation that you really believe such use of the material is prohibited by copyrights owner, his agent, Russian or international legislation.
  6. In view of penalties that may apply for giving false information, you should also provide the statement confirming that your evidence is true and has no distortions and that you are authorized to act on behalf of copyright owner. Please also note that a person deliberately sending false information about the material or copyright violating activity may be held liable.

Your written notification about copyright violation shall be sent to GSL by courier mail, fax or email.

Valid from 12 December, 2010.